Although digital products cannot be handled, tasted, or touched, they are consumed by everyone—from music to films, ebooks to online courses, and everything in between.

Due to their popularity and ease of distribution, many entrepreneurs construct entire businesses around these intangible commodities or launch digital product lines to supplement the real items or services they provide.

Digital items, on the other hand, have the advantage of being able to be generated once and sold repeatedly to different clients without having to replenish inventory, making them ideal for creatives, bloggers, educators, and freelancers searching for low-effort ways to make money online.

This guide will show all you need to know about digital products, including the best digital product examples, and how to design one.

  • What are digital products
  • Why sell digital products
  • Can You Make Money Selling Digital Products
  • What Digital Product Sells The Most
  • Best Digital Products to Sell Online 2021
  • What Kind of Digital Products Can I Sell
  • How To Create Digital Products
  • How To Create Digital Products Using Canva

What Are Digital Products?

A digital product is an asset or component of content that may be sold and disseminated multiple times online without the requirement for inventory replenishment. MP3s, PDFs, movies, plug-ins, and templates are common examples of digital files that can be downloaded or streamed.

The big hitters—streaming movies and TV, video games, software, and apps—are the first things that come to mind when you hear “digital products.”

However, there are many other methods to use your knowledge, creativity, talents, and expertise to produce digital products – and you don’t need a film crew or a team of software developers to do so.

Why Sell Digital Products?

Developing, marketing, and selling digital items can be daunting, especially if you aren’t the most technologically savvy person on the globe. The learning curve, however, may be surprisingly short thanks to internet resources like Etsy, Shopify, and Thinkific.

Digital items have several benefits that make them particularly appealing to sell:

  • A low initial investment, big possible returns

You can make a lot of digital products with only a little time, effort, and concentration. When opposed to renting a physical site or establishing a physical inventory, online marketplaces and e-commerce technologies are comparatively inexpensive. This indicates the possibility of bigger profit margins.

  • More profitable 

Physical products have lower profit margins than digital products. And because you don’t have to spend any money on making new units, that margin grows over time.

  • No inventory, shipping, or rent hassle

You can eliminate logistics in addition to not having to bear the expense of making, storing, or transporting tangible things. Selling digital things via the internet has the potential to be quite straightforward, which is why it’s a great side hustle.

  • Automated delivery for passive income

If you already have a day job, the digital products you sell online can supplement your income even if you spend the majority of your week at your full-time employment.

  • Serve a niche at scale

It can be beneficial to be good at something obscure from time to time. It’s easier to focus on a narrow audience with specific demands than it is to compete on a broad scale.

Many folks desire abs that are ripped in 30 days. A significantly smaller percentage of people desire the ideal physique for water polo. That’s what it means to “serve a niche.”

The problem with selling niches locally is that there isn’t always a large enough market. Even the tiniest niches, however, are large enough to serve a worldwide market with no geographical restrictions on who you can sell to.

Can You Make Money Selling Digital Products?

Digital products can be a viable internet business concept because they don’t require inventory or the cost associated with selling physical products.

There are numerous ways to manufacture, resell, and incorporate digital products into your business. You can serve up the tempting value that will more than pay for itself over time with a little imagination and an upfront commitment of time.

What Digital Product Sells The Most?

This list of digital products to sell is everything you need if you’ve chosen to attempt selling digital products but can’t think of a terrific niche product that’s suitable for you. In 2021, we’ve compiled a list of the greatest digital products to sell online.

Best Digital Products to Sell Online 2021

Here are the 5 profitable digital products to sell online this year.

1. Online courses

Is there anything that comes naturally to you but that others find difficult to deal with? It could be anything from bettering one’s financial management to food planning, gardening, or even golfing. Anything that you believe will assist individuals in improving their lives.

You can compile all of this information into an online course and sell it. One of the most popular digital items on the internet is online courses. Physical classes are being phased out in favor of e-learning and online courses. And there’s no better moment to start selling an online course than right now.

Collating and online course necessitates additional effort and planning, but trust me when I say that all those frantic presentations and video walk-throughs will be well worth it. For example, Mike Pearson’s full-fledged SEO course, Stupid Simple SEO, has over 1800 students and is continually expanding.

This is where digital items shine. You can make as much money as you want by selling digital things. You can sell online courses on your website or through third-party platforms like Udemy, Teachable, and Thinkific.

2. eBooks

The days of having to persuade a well-known publisher to publish your work are long gone.

In the year 2021, an eBook is one of the top digital things to sell online. In the last ten years, over 335.7 million ebooks have been sold in the United States.

All you need is a catchy idea and content that solves a problem for your audience. There are no difficulties with distribution, printing, or publishing.

You can easily sell your ebook and make a lot of money thanks to sites like Amazon Kindle and Kobo. Other well-known websites for hosting and selling your eBooks include Blurb, Payhip, Lulu, NOOK Press, and Scribd.

3. Planners

If you prefer to keep your belongings organized, you should be aware of the importance of a planner.

A decent planner will always come in handy, whether it’s for tracking goals, making daily to-do lists, or laying out monthly objectives.

You can design your planner and make it available on the internet, even though it is more of a printable product. Anyone who purchases it will be required to print it.

If you know how to use Adobe Illustrator or another editing program, you may create a structured schedule with sections for daily activities, goals, and so on.

4. Templates

Making something from the ground up is exhausting and time-consuming. Nobody wants to waste valuable time on anything like this.

As a result, Templates are one of the greatest digital products to sell online in 2021 since they can be quickly customized.

Here are some fantastic product template suggestions:

  • Resume templates
  • Instagram Post templates
  • Pin templates
  • copywriting templates
  • email campaigns
  • Photoshop/illustrator templates
  • Infographic templates
  • Logo templates
  • Christmas card templates

All you have to do is figure out what you’re excellent at, and you’ll be able to simply sell your eye-catching templates on sites like Template Monster, Fiver, and others.

5. Printables

One of the best sources of passive income is printable products. They can be sold for anywhere from $2 to $5 per page!

Printables are digital templates that may be downloaded and printed on a single page.

Here are some fantastic downloadable items you may make:

  • Planners
  • Workbooks
  • Project planners
  • Meal/Diet plans
  • Gift tags
  • Wall art
  • Checklists
  • Lunch box notes for children

On platforms like Fiverr, Etsy, Shopify, and Amazon, you may rapidly produce some useful printables using Word/Google Docs, spreadsheets, MS Publisher/Adobe InDesign, Canva, or Adobe Illustrator and sell them.

What Kind of Digital Products Can I Sell?

Graphic design, templates, downloadable prints, music and audio, stock photos, and print-on-demand products such as personalized t-shirts, notebooks, and mugs are just a few of the digital products you can sell online. Rather than listing each one individually, here are eight digital product categories to help you get started.


To write a book that thousands will buy, you don’t have to be the world’s greatest novelist. Write down what you’re good at and how you can teach it to others.

Online courses

You may convert what you know how to do into a new source of income by teaching online. An online course is the ideal digital product for you to offer if you have experience and a desire to share it with the world.

People want to learn from the comfort of their own homes, whether it’s to learn a new pastime or advance their careers, and you can help them by creating a digital course.


A membership is the ideal digital product to sell if your goal is to generate recurring revenue by establishing and supporting a community regularly.

A membership site can help you develop a regular revenue stream, whether you plan to sell a series of online courses or simply charge members for the right to pick your brain.

Graphic design work

You possess the key to making digital things that sells if you’re a graphic designer.

You can create and sell a variety of digital products on the side while working with clients. Vector icons, textures, objects, and typefaces are just a few examples. It can be a chance to let your creativity show outside of a client’s project if you have a passion for design.


There are a lot of folks out there that want to get a head start on whatever project they’re working on. All they’ll need are some templates, and you’ll be able to fill in the blanks.

A template can save someone the time and work of creating a website from the ground up. It can also assist them in sending out wedding invites on time, creating personalized business cards, planning their marketing strategy, crunching figures in Excel, and polishing their résumé in a pinch.

Music and audio

The music reverberates throughout the hills. Or, at the very least, the internet is. Podcasters, YouTubers, bedroom pop stars, film producers, and marketing teams all use audio in some way, and they’re all looking for that extra something to set their work apart. Beats and instrument samples, plugins for music software, stock music, and sound effects are all examples of audio products.

Stock Photography

Selling your images online might provide you with a consistent side income if you have an eye for light, color, and frame. Another possibility is to offer free stock photographs in exchange for other products.

Craft patterns and downloadable prints

Patterns are in high demand for sewing, knitting, macrame, papercraft, and just about any other hobby, you can think of.

There’s also the printable market: whether you’re selling coloring pages, children’s workbooks, posters, or birthday cards, someone is seeking them.

How to Create Digital Products

Since you’re now aware that selling digital products online is a fantastic method to make money while being at home, the next question is, “How can I develop digital products?”

Here are some tried-and-true methods for creating digital products that will sell like hotcakes:

  • Verify your concept by conducting a poll of your target audience. If the concept is too obscure, no one will buy your stuff. Make certain your niche is lucrative.
  • Check to see if you have enough high-quality material to offer your audience value. Profits equal value!
  • Determine how you’ll arrange, organize, and format your product once you’ve determined what to sell.
  • You’re now ready to start creating your first digital product.
  • Meanwhile, you can grow your audience by providing free content on your website. You can also compile a list of possible businesses, brands, and influencers who might be interested in sharing or advertising your material with their respective audiences.
  • The last stage is to fine-tune your product. You may identify beta testers, incorporate input, and enhance the product regularly.
  • Install the appropriate monetization tools, contact your launch partners, and you’re done!

How to Create Digital Product Using Canva

Do you want to develop a digital product using Canva? The good news is that creating a beautiful and practical digital product like a workbook or ebook in Canva is quite simple. With a little forethought, you can quickly develop a designer-like digital product. At this point, I’ll show you how to make an editable workbook in Canva that you can sell or give away for free.

Here is a step by step guide to follow:

Step 1: Setup an account in Canva

Most importantly, you can get started with Canva’s free version. To get started, go to Canva and sign up for a free account.

Step 2: Locate create a design

Then, under documents, choose a US letter to have your workbook or cheatsheet printed in US letter size.

Step 3: Design your cover page

In Canva, you have various options for designing your cover page. One alternative is to browse for and use one of their free photographs as your cover image. I chose a dish of grapefruit in the example below and cropped the shot to fill the entire page.

After that, you might wish to use color to give your title page a good appearance and feel. You can choose a square and move it around to cover the full image. The transparency can be tweaked a little. This will give your title page a lovely background.

Simply type any heading text, subheading text, or body text into the text box. Any of this text can be changed to match your font style and size. To construct the body of your worksheet, pick and add a new page.

Step 4: Design the body of your workbook

Select the text you want to include in the body of your worksheet. To make editable fields for your content upgrade, select a square shape (any of them will do) and resize it to fit your workbook’s dimensions.

Select the item you wish to duplicate and click copy to copy it throughout your workbook.

When you’re through with your Canva workbook, save it as a pdf. Go to pdfescape if you have any fields that you want to make editable.


For entrepreneurs who don’t want to deal with the nuisance of tangible things, digital products can provide a continuous source of income. You’re also ahead of the game if your skills naturally adapt themselves to digital items.

We think that everyone should have the chance to make their mark as an entrepreneur, and digital products give them that chance. You take fewer risks, don’t take on any debt, and keep complete creative freedom.

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