Your Simple Guide to Blogging Success– with Christopher Calle

Hi, I'm Christopher

Nice to meet ya!

I’m a Blogger, Software Developer, Dog Lover, and Life-long Student of Online Marketing. 

I decided to start SimpleBlogger because for one, I have a passion for this stuff, and two, I love helping people

Now, I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not an expert in any particular step of the blogging process. However, as a result of being persistent and taking action, I have become quite familiar with every step of the process. 

I’m also very aware of what it takes to create a successful blogging business and to make money blogging. 

Blogging is not a get rich scheme and there aren’t any secret formulas. 

There’s so many articles online about why 99% of bloggers fail, but that couldn’t be more incorrect. 

99% of bloggers don’t fail, 99% of bloggers GIVE UP. 

Blogging can be fun and exciting in the beginning, but when new bloggers don’t see any results after a period of time, they start to lose hope and motivation till they eventually give up. 

The problem is that they simply aren’t putting in enough time to statistically allow themselves a chance of having a success blog.

“Success requires both urgency and patience. Be urgent about making the effort, and patient about seeing the results.” - Ralph Marston

Creating a successful blog as an beginner blogger requires more than possessing the right knowledge. It’s also about having the correct mindset. 

With the right knowledge and the right mindset, we can achieve just about anything. Blogging is no different. 

The SimpleBlogger mission:

  • help new bloggers develop a winning mindset
  • break down the fundamentals of a successful blogging business, so that ANYONE can do it. 

It takes time to learn all of the ins and out of blogging, but here’s the good news. You don’t have to learn it all at once. The idea is for you to first, start. Second, learn as you go.

Don’t feel like you have to know everything before you get started. That is what ultimately keeps people from taking action and achieving their goals.

Blogging can be an extremely exciting and rewarding career path if you’re willing to put in the time and effort. Just take a look at this blog post to see what happens when bloggers continue moving forward and don’t give up. 

Think of the whole process like a hurdler. As long as you follow course, overcome the obstacles that you’ll inevitably face, you too will achieve success!

If you think you’ll need guidance or motivation to keep you on track, go ahead and join the newsletter. Also, let me know what problems you’re currently facing and I’ll try my best to help you out. 

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